Keeping Time

This is the oldest working clock in Britain. … More Keeping Time


Canonball Staircase

In 1643 a cannon ball flew through a side door and left a pretty catastrophic dint in this staircase. … More Canonball Staircase

Recording Home

Melbourne’s Chinese Museum has been working on digitising collections of Cantonese Opera gramophone recordings from the 1920s-40 so they are no longer sitting silently in the archives. Three of these were brought over by Chinese immigrants, as a link to their homeland, and have been donated to the Museum many generations on. … More Recording Home

The Melbourne Hand

In 1978, the Victorian Government was looking for a way to set Melbourne apart as an international tourist destination. They had ambitions of standing alongside Paris with its Eiffel Tower and New York with the Statue of Liberty. From this, they put a call out to anyone (international architects to home enthusiasts) keen enough to … More The Melbourne Hand