Opening up an old Trunk means pulling out a pile of all the jetsam life produces, the ‘stuff’. These objects are weird, personal, loving, shocking, boring (that’s something too), old and new. World famous museums treasure ancient pottery, which could have been someone’s dinner plate they tossed aside to avoid washing up a thousand years ago – just stuff.

The Trunk hopes to shed light on forgotten objects of a range from international to personal significance. These things are equally important, although in different ways. So read! Write! Think about the things that surround you in a way that will make you see their wonder.


Contact the Trunk if you’d like to chat. After all, I hope the Trunk gets you to read about objects differently, but also to share amazing finds of your own.




[This is primarily a research blog. All efforts have been made to ensure the information within it is accurate and attributed. If there’s something you think is missing, please get in contact.]